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Campaigners is a community​ of kids who want to know Jesus more. This could be a kid who is just curious about who Jesus is, or someone who has grown up knowing Him. It is a time for us to dive into the Word together and talk about what following Jesus truly looks like.
  • State High: Wednesdays 7:15am at the Russell's
  • Penns Valley:​ Tuesdays 7am at PVHS
  • Philipsburg: Coming Soon!
  • Bald Eagle: Thursdays at 7pm
  • Bellefonte: Thursdays at 7pm
  • Young Life College:​ Contact our YLC team for small group times and locations
  • Wyldlife: Sundays at 6pm


A party with a purpose!

Check back for Club dates and times when the school year begins!
  • State High: Mondays at 8:14pm
  • Penns Valley: Wednesdays at 7:07pm
  • Philipsburg: Coming soon!
  • Bald Eagle: Coming soon!
  • Bellefonte: Coming soon!
  • Wyldlife:​ Coming soon!
  • Capernaum: March 23rd, April 13th

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